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  What is ZK?

  •  ZK is an open-source Ajax Web application framework, written in Java that enables creation of rich graphical user interfaces for Web applications with no JavaScript and little programming knowledge.
  • The core of ZK consists of an Ajax-based event-driven mechanism.
  • Programmers design their application pages in feature-rich XUL/XHTML components, and manipulate them upon events triggered by end user’s activity. It is similar to the programming model found in desktop GUI-based applications.
  • ZK takes the so called server-centric approach olicensed under the GPL (GNU Public License).
  • ZK’s AJAX engine consists of both client and server components that communicate with one another.
  • ZK provides two sets of user interface components. One set of components is based upon XUL, or the XML User Interface Language.
  • The second set utilizes XHTML. ZK provides an XML-based markup language called ZUML for adding components to a page

Please click this link to view complete document – ZK_Presentation

Please click this link to view its video in youtube – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgnlpYzF1C0


Rajesh Ranganathan

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