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Blog release for Hotel management systems – Mouflon

Michigan, US, 25th Jan 2010, Bonsai announces today the release of its new product HMS, a complete hospitality solution for small hotels using Open bravo the world’s leading open source ERP software.

It constitutes of Easy Check-in & Check-out, Guest reservation, House Keeping, Alerts, Guest Flight information, Travel Agent information, Guest History, Folio notice, lost and found management, Restaurant Management and provides many more additional services to the hoteliers.

Industry experts believe that the combination of ERP and HMS functionalities in a single application will improve the efficiency of the service provided by the hotels by simplifying the entire process.

Bonsai a small and medium enterprise specialist with its roots deep into servicing the human resources fraternity added a new jewel to its crown by launching Hotel management software. HMS is an ideal solution for all small to medium sized Hoteliers. Having the most essential features, HMS helps hoteliers serve their clients well, without the overhead of features overshot by big players who cater to big hoteliers.

Mr.Ravi Venugopal the CEO of the bonsai group says that “This is the one product which will make the entire hotel industry to turn around and take a look; this is going to revolutionize the way ERP is viewed. We had strived a lot and finally we succeeded in providing a complete holistic solution for the small and medium hotels to compete with their bigger counterparts.”

Hotel Management Software is an up-to-the-minute, comprehensible solution which is

• Reliable

• Swift

• User friendly

• And provides unseen Flexibility in Hotel administration process

HMS is easy to implement and having our support team with you at every stage of your adaptation, we guarantee your transition to a more evolved business process to be smooth. In short we are here with HMS to transform your business into a highly successful profitable affair with a glint of personalization delighting your customers

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