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Blog release for Staff Augmentation

Michigan, US, 2nd mar 2010, Bonsai announces today the release of its new Service- Staff Augmentation, a complete Staffing solution for all Small and Medium Enterprises.

Staff Augmentation enables all SME’s to undertake new projects and handle new opportunities with greater efficiency, without compromising quality. It minimizes the total hiring costs while maximizing the value of service.

People from the industry say that – “with the shortage of critical and efficient resources escalating and deteriorating all SME‘s have been badly hit, Staff augmentation service offered by Bonsai is nothing but a boon to those SME‘s and Entrepreneurs who are still struggling to maintain their resources and its overheads”.

“Being a specialist in small and medium businesses and having access to large pool of talent in both offshore and onsite resource banks we couldn’t sit quiet looking at the problems faced by the SME ‘s, when we can offer them an inclusive solution that gives them a better chance against their bigger competitors” – say’s Bonsai group’s CEO Mr.Ravi Venugopal. He then adds this addressing the SME’s “We help you identify your needs with open source and cost effective options today”.

“With our core skills extending from Web technologies, Data services, Infrastructure to Business intelligence and our vertical expertise in ERP (Manufacturing, Assembly, Retail), HR, Health care, Hospitality, E-Learning, Interactive media (marketing / analytics etc) we can deliver quality resources at short notice for business continuity and reduce pre and post recruitment overheads”- quotes Mr.Puthiyavan who heads Web technology division in Bonsai.

“Our strength lies in the astounding technological backing we have for our services and that has helped us in providing a low cost service with impeccable quality”- quotes Mr.Goldwin who heads the Open source ERP division in Bonsai.

We offer,

  • Onsite services – professionals will be sent to the location of the client
  • Offsite services– services will be provided from a different site or location
  • Remote services– providing solutions with a data processing facility from a
    remote location or facility through a data link like VPN.

Staff Augmentation helps to identify the best performer in an organization as Staff Augmentation supplements appraisal system with advanced performance monitoring capabilities. Staff Augmentation helps in increasing the revenue considerably by using the critical resource for more productive work efficiently.

Use the skills and technologies as needed with out any limits to excel in your business because we’ll always back you when you need.

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