About Bonsai

The Bonsai Group:

The Past

Bonsai Consulting located in Michigan,USA, was originally set up in 2003 as a specialty Consulting & Product Development company that delivered projects outsourced spanning manufacturing, e-learning, telecom, insurance, banking, retail, software, e-commerce industrial domains.

The Present

Bonsai now has moved on from generic ERP and HR verticals to industry specific solutions for small and medium enterprises.

Bonsai has gained expertise in Retail and Hotel verticals while it still concentrates on licensing and implementing effective solutions using Open  source packages and SaaS deliveries for the market space.

Bonsai’s goal is to provide most effective, efficient and competitively priced solutions to the companies in the HR, ERP, Retail & e-Learning verticals; conforming to the best disciplines of software engineering and providing the highest Return on Investment possible in the industry.;we are working to make tall strides to keep ourselves abreast in the evolution of information technology.

Bonsai differentiates itself through domain expertise and unique corporate culture which we pride about.

The Future

Bonsai vision is to be part of every Small and medium enterprise’s growth story, we would not stop with a few verticals , but would look for opportunities which would help small and medium enterprises in realizing their dreams.

Bonsai is a young organization with a young team and we wish to make our mark in the history books.

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